Our Approach

A smarter way to invest.

A customized portfolio tailored for you and your goals

With all great financial planning comes an intelligent investment strategy. Our process begins with helping you to define your goals. You can expect clear advice based on your time horizon and a mathematically designed portfolio optimized to achieve your personal goals.

Our investment platform utilizes globally diversified, low-cost, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, from well known names including Vanguard and Blackrock iShares. With an appropriately diversified asset selection, we are able to deliver a portfolio that generates optimal returns regardless of your investment timeline.

Create unlimited goals–
built for any time horizon.

Our platform allows you to mange multiple goals at the same time,
 you build the right customized portfolio for each goal.

See the video at the bottom of the page for a demonstration of the goal setting tool.

  • Safety Net

    3 Year Horizon

    This account is designed to ensure you have a prudent emergency fund on hand without giving up potential growth over time. The allocation is designed to manage volatility.

  • Dream House

    15 Year Horizon

    Whether its your dream house, a new car, or the vacation you’ve always wanted to take, we provide a recommended allocation based on your personal goal. The allocation can be customized to any timeline.

  • Retirement

    25+ Year Horizon

    This is a long-term investment account. We offer both taxable and tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Our advice customizes an asset allocation and suggests a monthly deposit according to your retirement age.

Providing a smarter
experience for all investors.


    With regular, automated rebalancing your asset allocation never drifts excessively.


    Schedule automatic transfers from your checking account online.


    Short-term capital gains exposure is kept to a minimum with automated account management.


    We support fractional shares to maximize every dollar you have invested.


    Avoid costly commissions on trades. There are no trading fees whatsoever on the platform.


    One click deposits, withdrawals, and asset allocation. Timely and electronic statements.

Maximize your returns with Tax Loss Harvesting+™

Our Tax Loss Harvesting+™ service ensures that you are making the most of your after-tax returns. Previously only available to the wealthiest investors, our fully automated system is now accessible at no additional cost to our clients. Harvested investment losses can reduce your taxable income by as much as $3,000 a year.

Security & Privacy

We use the strongest browser encryption available, store all of our data on servers in a secure facility, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data.

We protect the privacy of your information and will never share your data with any third party without your permission. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Our Fee Structure

Our customers pay one simple all-inclusive management fee. No trading fees, no commissions.


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