Why Path?

Over the years we have found it to be extremely challenging for emerging investors to find an investment platform that is suitable for their needs. Advisors who are fiduciaries for their clients typically have high investment minimums, making it difficult for these new investors to benefit from a relationship that focuses on goals. Often these investors are solicited by a sales person and sold high-commission products with limited liquidity. Once the commission is paid, the account is no longer managed and the client is left on their own with no further help and an investment that can’t be sold. The PATH program offered by Watts Gwilliam & Co. seeks to eliminate these common problems.

With PATH, you receive institutional level portfolio management along with automatic rebalancing and performance updates, all for a very reasonable asset-based fee.   Most important, your accounts will be invested according to the things that matter most to you.  Whether you are saving for a down payment on a home, or putting money away for retirement, our system will help you identify your financial goals and place you on the correct path to achieve success. In addition, all clients who use the PATH program will receive access to the most advanced technology in the industry, allowing you continuous online access to accounts via the web or your favorite mobile device.  This gives 24/7 connectivity, allowing the investor to check in on where they currently stand in relation to their goals.

If you have questions or concerns, one of our advisors is always a phone call away.  We invite you to see first hand how the PATH program can help you build the wealth you desire.